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Workshop: Director Training 2018

Why you need to be there

This workshop will be run in partnership with the Non-Executive Directors Association (NEDA) and will equip Non-Executive Directors (NED’s) and aspiring NED’s with the skillset they need to become ‘board ready’ Directors within the Sport and Recreation Sector. The training will look at the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of directors, advice on best practice in the boardroom and will look at how NED’s can apply principles of good governance to their board.

This training has been developed specifically for the sector and will look to identify the challenges and skills required of a Director in the Sport and Recreation sector. The training will benefit both newly appointed directors and aspiring directors, and will also provide a useful professional development opportunity for more experienced non-executives looking to refresh their knowledge. 

Interested in upskilling a number of your Directors at once? If so we can arrange bespoke courses - to find out more contact our Governance Team

More details about how to book on this workshop will be made available soon, please sign up to our weekly newsletter for future information.

This comprehensive and practical course is designed to provide NEDs with the knowledge required for them to carry out their roles effectively. This is an intensive and challenging programme that enables the participants to have a well-rounded understanding of the need for an effective board and the critical role of the NED. The one day course will cover the following: 

  • The role of a NED – understanding vs. expectations;
  • Corporate Governance- an update and review of governance in the UK, with a focus on The Principles of Good Governance and A Code for Sports Governance;
  • A Director’s duties and responsibilities;
  • The Chairman and how to build an ‘Effective Board’;
  • Director attributes – to ensure you have a balanced board;
  • Board performance and areas to consider at each level;
  • Key Strategic Tools, what NEDs need and how to use them;
  • Strategic Risk Management;
  • Stakeholder relations and how to maintain communications;
  • Review of latest issues on board agendas – some final thoughts.